Functional Resumes Are The Worst

by aheadhuntertakesaim

I found this article on functional resumes that I would like to share with you. It is 100% correct. There is nothing good about a functional resume. It is a giant red flag to recruiters that you are trying to hide something. You are better off with a chronological resume blemishes and all. At least it may make it through the 6 second test. A functional resume will only last as long as it takes the recruiter to click on the next resume to be considered.

 My big problem with a functional resume is I cannot tell; which jobs you applied the skills to and to which employer, how long you applied those skills and how long ago you applied those skills. The resume ends up being a giant collection of key words and not worth further consideration.

 The Bottom Line

Do not use a functional resume. It is a giant red flag.


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